Secret lake's huge roach

An untapped day-ticket lake has been uncovered as one of UK’s top roach angling hotspots following the capture of dozens of specimen fish.

Anglers have flocked to Springwater Fishery in Ayrshire in recent weeks after news came to light that huge roach to almost 3lb were being caught on a daily basis, sparking venue comparisons with Stranraer redfin superwater, Lochnaw Fishery.

The catches, which include fish to 2lb 13oz in huge nets topping 50lb, are being taken on the Scottish fishery’s mixed-stocked, Match Lake, with visitors reaping the rewards thanks to an initiative which saw hundreds of giant roach transferred from an onsite fly fishing pool.

Owner Willie Scott said: “We originally stocked some small roach into one of our fly ponds eight years ago and left them alone but then when we netted it in 2013 we were shocked at how big they had become.”

“Since we moved them they have grown even bigger and the fishing has been incredible. An international angler recently visited and broke his personal best at least 10 times in a single session - there are just so many big roach stocked” he said.

It is thought that growth rates could have been boosted by the use of high-protein baits used on the 25-peg lake since the fish were moved.

The exciting discovery looks set to create a tempting prospect for specimen anglers and Shimano and Dynamite Baits backed Darran Goulder is just one of the dozens of anglers who could make the long journey north to take advantage of the sport of offer. He told Angling Times: “There are few waters in England where you can catch the roach of a lifetime but the likes of Lochnaw and now Springwater offer a genuine chance of several fish over the magical 2lb mark.”

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