Second White Acres title for Paul Holland

Paul Holland has taken his second White Acres festival title in a matter of weeks after triumphing in the Dynamite Baits Festival last week – after a nine-year wait for a title at the Cornish venue.

The Guru-backed matchman ended the week as the only angler to score a perfect four section wins.

Reading-based Paul’s week didn’t start too well with only a  third in section from the split zone on Trewaters and Jenny’s Lakes, which meant only a perfect four sections wins would see him in with a shout – and even then he’d need other angler’s scores to work for him.

But work they did and he racked up nine maximums to post that perfect score. Runner-up Johnny Maddison and third-placed Rob Wootton both scored 35 points with three wins and a second to send the big-money prize heading to Berkshire.

After that opening-day blip, Paul was off to another split section on Trelawney and Twin Oaks Lakes. Despite not making the top four overall, Paul’s 107-4-0 of carp from Trelawney peg 23 got his quest off to the start he needed.

Porth Reservoir was next for Paul and he won the lake with 22-1-0 of roach and skimmers from peg 33 using the waggler with maggot and caster to add a few more quid to the kitty.

Thursday saw peg 36 on Bolingey Lake come out of the bag and he showed no mercy with a massive 211-11-0 for another lake and section win, fishing pellet at 8m to bank carp into double figures.

Paul was now within striking distance of the lead, and a good final day could deliver title number two. Pollawyn Lake peg 13 awaited, and although not in the race to win the lake, 73-10-0 of carp gave him the nine points needed. With scores working in his favour, the title was his.

Overall: 1 P Holland, Guru, 36pts;
2 J Maddison, Mosella Quaker, 35 (dropping six points - 516-3-0);
3 R Wootton, Shimano/Dynamite Baits, 35 (dropping six points - 418-3-0);
4 R Brennan, Stourport, 35 (dropping five points – 426-3-0);
5 L Thornton, Middy/Bag’em Baits, 35 (dropping five points – 412-12-0);
6 S Conway, Shakespeare, 35 (dropping five points – 403-15-0).

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