Round two in thailand and a 150lb giant Siamese carp

THE HEARTBREAK of losing a 12-hour battle with one of the world’s hardest fighting fish was finally forgotten by Jake Casson when he returned to bank a giant 150lb-plus specimen.
A trip to Thailand’s Jurassic Mountain Fishery last month ended in devastation for the Sussex-based angler when the hook pulled out of a colossal Siamese carp over half a day after he got the bite.
Determined to set the record straight, he arranged another 5,500-mile round trip to the complex and the long haul journey soon paid off. Jake said: “I took much more powerful rods with me this time round and I knew that if I hooked one of the big Siamese carp I would have a much better chance of winning the battle.
“The plan worked, and I managed to gain on the fish quickly – it was beaten in just under an hour.
“My previous best weighed around the 70lb mark and I am elated to have landed one of more than double that size.
“I’ve become addicted to targeting huge Siamese carp and I am even tempted to permanently relocate to Thailand. There is a bigger specimen in the lake and my sole aim is to find that fish and land it.”
Fishery boss Jules Fernandez is delighted that Jake finally gained his reward, and he told Angling Times: “Having lost such a tiring battle a few weeks ago he definitely deserves this success. Our biggest carp – which we have nicknamed the Grim Reaper - is still at large and yet to be landed.
“It is over 40lb heavier than Jake’s fish and it is only a matter of time before it is captured.”