Robson Green is back for new TV show!

Robson Green is back on our TV screens with an explosive new fishing series called ‘Ultimate Catch’.

From the backwaters of jungle rivers in Brazil and Bolivia to the mid-Atlantic islands of the Azores,  the award-winning actor, who brought us Robson Green’s ‘Extreme Fishing’, scours the globe in search of fish, locations and people which are far more ‘extreme’ than ever before.

Fighting his way through thunderstorms, flash floods, high winds and drought, Robson takes on a number of exotic and hard-fighting species in every action-packed episode.

Filming the series for Quest TV, he became the first European to travel up a waterway in Bolivia used by the Guarani Tribe and he also got up close and personal with several caiman, piranha, wolf fish, payara and scorpion fish.

“Actors I’ve worked with recently be it a Hollywood star or a director have said to me you’re living the dream, doing a job that I’d die for, which is the fishing adventure with Quest – that’s the ultimate gig,” said Robson during an exclusive interview for Quest TV.

“My favourite destination has to be the Pantanal in Brazil - the largest wetland area in the world.

“I was surrounded by the most idyllic vegetation, the wildlife was off the scale, there’s jaguar just round the corner and there’s an amazing amount of caiman.

“The most challenging catch was made during the episode in Bolivia going after the golden dorado. “We had to push a wooden canoe 60km to get to the fishing grounds.

“If the Guarani tribe, which are an extraordinary group of people, hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes.”

Each hour-long episode of Robson Green’s Ultimate Catch can be viewed on Fridays at 9pm on Quest TV.

The opening Episode in Bolivia aired on Friday, January 23 rd and the schedule for the next three shows are as follows:

Episode 2 – Hawaii. In the middle of the Pacific, Robson visits the islands for octopus, peacock bass, the fearsome Samoan mud crab and Opelu. His fishing comes to a dramatic climax in the deep volcanic trenches of the Kona Coast.

Episode 3 – Brazil. The Amazon basin is the setting as Robson’s 6,000 mile journey is in pursuit of the prehistoric-looking wolf fish, plus one of the most amazing fish he has ever tried to catch. He meets local legends and indigenous tribes.

Episode 4 – Azores. Robson is on an island-hopping odyssey for his largest ever amberjack, red scorpionfish and a huge pike from the crater lake of a volcano. On his last day he’s heading out to the Azores bank for a migratory giant.

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