Return of the Trent Champs?

Hundreds of anglers could soon line the banks of one of the sport’s most iconic waterways as plans to resurrect the famous Trent Championship are unveiled.

In its heyday up to 1,000 match anglers descended on the Midlands river to compete for the prestigious title, which was won by fishing legends such as Ivan Marks, John Allerton and Benny Ashurst.
And now, in order to further bolster the revival of river fishing in the UK, Angling Trust director  David Kent is the man hoping to bring back the ‘glory years’ on the river.

The Trent Championships  revival is being organised by the River Trent Anglers Joint Council, of which David Kent is secretary, and will likely take place on the waters of Nottingham Angling Association and Nottingham Federation in late Autumn 2015.

“We’ve found the original Trent Champs trophy and realistically if we can get 100 anglers on the bank in the first year it will be a massive step in the right direction,” said David.

“The plan is to use different waters every year and we could eventually end up with a tidal and non-tidal Trent Championship in scenes reminiscent of the good old days.”

“The rivers has produced some really great matches during recent years and there’s no doubt that this will be something special.”

Modern day Trent ace Wayne Swinscoe, a close friend of the late Frank Barlow, said that the return of the ‘Trent Champs’ is great news.

“It was a massive match in its day as you needed a ticket through the post to fish it and there were five zones of 200 anglers, each with their own draw HQ,” said Wayne.

“You used to get silver badges for section wins and gold badges if you got three section wins, I’ve still got mine and they are my pride and joy.”

“This is a fantastic idea, as long as it’s done right as the river is full of fish and there are so many anglers returning to fish the nation’s rivers."

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