Record stingray at Chesil Beach

Yet more evidence that exotic species are lying off our shores came to light this week when the British stingray shore record was smashed by a 78lb 6oz giant.
Devon angler Guy Spriggs was the man who got his name into the history books during a session on Dorset’s Chesil Beach.
The impressive specimen – which, if accepted, would blow away the former record of 67lb 12oz – is thought to be one of the biggest fish of any species ever to be landed on an English beach, and was lured on a large Bluey and squid hookbait.
Guy, who is awaiting a reply from the British Record Fish Committee to claim the record, said: “At first I dismissed the possibility of it being a stingray, as we never get them at Chesil, but luckily for me its identity turned out to be a fact.”
Chesil regular, Fox-backed Jon Patten witnessed the incredible catch and believes global warming could explain why stingrays are now here.
“Warmer waters rushing through the Channel have already brought huge bluefin tuna, and now the stingrays have turned up. In the next five years they could be a common occurrence at Chesil,” he said.