Quick trip pays off with 38lb mirror carp

A quick day session in ideal conditions gave Darren Belton this 38lb 4oz mirror.

The Chub/Greys-backed angler tackled Pullens Lake on the Elphicks complex in Kent and also bagged a 26lb mirror.

He said: “I had been waiting all week for the wind to turn to a westerly, and as soon as it did I shot out for a quick day session. The wind was blowing into a small bay and I wanted to fish the far margins. I cast over with a piece of dissolving foam attached to the hookbait, then walked round and when the foam popped up I put three handfuls of hemp, Mainline Response Pellet and crushed Hybrid boilies over each rod.

“I started to get liners straight away and after just an hour one of the rods was away. A 26lb mirror was soon in the net and the rod back on the spot, plus a couple more handfuls of bait.

“An hour after that the same rod was away again. This felt much bigger and hugged the bottom, and as I bundled it into the net I could see it was a chunk. On the scales she went 38lb 4oz, and I was more than happy with that!”

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