Pro boxer wins battle with Nina at 44lb 8oz

Professional boxer Warren Fenn came out on top after a “brutal battle” with this 44lb 8oz Surrey common carp.
The south Londoner beat the bell by catching the fish, known as Nina, shortly before he was due to pack up from a weekend session at Twynersh Fishery’s Pit Three.
The capture gave Warren his first 40lb common and was the first time the fish had been caught in a year.
“She’s the queen of the lake,” said the Korda and Urban Baits-backed angler, who fished a swim called the Treeline and had already banked a 31lb common on the first night of his trip.
“The take came at around 10am on the Sunday, just hours before packing up. Fishing towards a snaggy bush on the far side, the take and battle was a brutal one – probably the hardest-fighting carp I’ve managed to hook.
“I spent a good 15 minutes fighting to keep her away from the savage snags and weedbeds. Finally she gave up on her powerful charges and I slipped the net under her with a big sigh of relief.
“I could see she was going to be my first 40lb common. Little did I know she would also beat my personal best by a pound at 44lb 8oz!”