Play a part in the future of your sport

Every angler in the country is being urged to get involved in fishing’s biggest-ever survey being carried out to help shape the future of our spot.
The Angling Trust has teamed up with Sport England and the Environment Agency to run the nationwide research project, which will take a detailed look into the views and experiences of UK anglers and enable them to play their part in making major changes to the UK fishing agenda.
It is hoped that the results will reveal what can be done to drastically boost the number of people that regularly go fishing, while at the same time providing the tools for improvements that could be made to tempt exisiting anglers to spend more time on the bank.
The Angling Trust’s Chief Executive, Mark Lloyd, is one of the brains behind the project, and he told Angling Times: “We want to hear from anyone who has ever been fishing – whether they have dabbled just once or twice, haven’t done it for some time, or are a keen current angler that fishes regularly.
“We want angling to remain one of the most popular activities in the country, and that can be achieved if everyone gets involved in this survey.
“The last survey that we carried out identified predation, poaching and pollution as the issues closest to anglers’ hearts, and we’ve acted on the results to address these key issues.
“Whatever anglers tell us this time round, we will get to work on their concerns immediately to ensure a stronger future for fishing,” he added.
As an incentive to take part, there will be a chance to get your hands on hundreds of pounds’ worth of tackle vouchers from Glasgow Angling Centre.
Anyone who fills in the survey can easily opt in to be entered into the prize draw.

Take the survey here: