Personal best hat-trick on first visit

Adam Robinson broke his personal best three times in the same session during a social trip to a water he had never seen before.

The Upminster angler visited Pullens Lake at Kent’s Elphicks complex for the first time with four mates and came away with fish of 28lb 12oz, 37lb and 37lb 4oz.

“This is by far the best fishing session I had ever had,” said the 26-year-old, who caught all his fish on single hookbaits positioned close to where he had seen a carp top on the first afternoon of a 48-hour session.

He explained: “I saw a fish crash at the reeds at the far margin of my swim perhaps 60 or 70 yards away. I quickly pulled in my midwater rod and cast to the showing fish.   An hour later my alarm went and I struck in to my first fish.”

The fish put up a good struggle in the margins and, at 28lb 12oz, beat Adam’s previous personal best of 26lb 8oz.

“The second fish came the next morning at 7am. This was a screaming run and I lifted into the fish and knew straight away I had a big fish on the end.  I got her in close and just like the other she put up a struggle, diving away when nearing the net.

“When I saw her in the net I knew I had smashed my pb again and I was over the moon. We got her in the sling she was 37lb on the button. I couldn't believe my luck – I’d had two fish from the same spot with no baiting whatsoever.”

Adam’s friends also managed fish of 34lb and 31lb before he completed his trio with a 37lb 4oz mirror. “It was a good few days’ fishing,” said Adam, who used Mainline Milky Toffee pop-ups set 2ins off the lakebed.

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