New remote-controlled helicopters created for finding fish and dropping your rig in

REMOTE-controlled helicopters fitted with fish-finders and armed with a device to drop a rig into your swim could soon be coming to a venue near you.
The Aguadrone is the latest creation aimed at today’s angler, with inventors claiming that the advanced technology will make it easier than ever to catch big fish.
Users will be able to fly the drone  to their peg, land on the surface and use an onboard sensor which sends a signal back to a mobile device such as a smartphone to enable anglers to locate their quarry.
It can also place a rig or loosefeed at a precise location without the need to cast, and a sophisticated camera is also installed to allow anglers to take photographs of the swim or lake in a bid to build up a better picture of their chosen fishery.
American inventor Ezon James is the brains behind the idea, and he told Angling Times: “People have few chances to get on the bank these days and the Aguadrome will make sure they spend more time playing fish than actually searching for them.
“The fish-finding facility will save you wasting a lot of time, and once you’ve found the shoals you can simply load your rig up and fly it to the exact spot where they are sitting.
“A lot of modern anglers rely on new technology to help them achieve their goals and I believe the Aguadrome could help take the sport to the next level,” he added.
Although interest in the new device is expected to be high, there are anglers who believe the drone is a step too far.
Carp fishing star Ian Chillcott said: “The whole point of fishing is to overcome a challenge, but this takes all the skill out of our sport.
“There is no finding the fish, no casting and no baiting up – all you do is reel in. How can anybody class that as angling?”