New personal best with 46lb mirror carp from Kingsmead

Everything game together for Haydn Hoskins as he bagged one of his main targets from Kingsmead One.

The Nash consultant has been concentrating on the Berkshire venue this winter and managed to snare the 46lb mirror known as Mr Pink during a period of milder weather.

He said: “Any winter capture to me is a good one but a winter forty, upping my personal best by 3lb will surely be a capture I will never better – especially as it was part of a targeted campaign.”

Haydn explained: “I kept my eye on the weather forecast and, unusually for me, a mild spell was due to coincide with my session. I opted to fish Monday night as the temperatures were set to remain in double figures. I turned up at the lake and, with four other angler there, I had options where to fish.

“After half an hour or so I spotted a fish rolling in the wind and decided to set up in the general area. Getting the rods out was a nightmare with the crosswind but I was soon fishing all rods confidently.

“It was first light when my middle rod tore off. Initially the battle was quite spirited and I could feel the fish rolling over my line, so much so I thought it must have been a stocky at first.

“By the time it was about 50 yards out it began plodding and hugging the bottom and I was now thinking it may be a good fish after all. As it slowly approached the surface I was taken aback by what I'd hooked - one of the biggest fish in the lake! At a little over 46lb I couldn’t believe it!”

Haydn presented a Nash TG Active pop-up on a hinged stiff rig tied with a size 6 Nash Chod Twister hook and 25lb Nash Chodlink. His rig was presented over 10 Coconut Crème boilies.

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