New flavour boilie brings 44lb common carp

Despite the water’s tiny size, the fish in Strawberry Fields are tricky to tempt – as this elusive 44lb common carp demonstrates.
The fish, known as Cut Tail, had not been caught for more than a year before John Bartley tricked it on a prototype bait.
A two-night session at the intimate Kent water was the first time the East Sussex angler had used a new boilie from Nash Bait.
He said: “It’s something very different and I was keen to get out and try it out with low pressure and wind forecast.
“There was only one place I could think to test the new bait locally, and that was Strawberry Fields.
“This is known not to give up its fish easily. Over the years these carp have seen it all in terms of bait and rigs, but when I got there late on Monday I decided to bait up with half-a-kilo of boilies and a couple of handfuls of Carp Particles UK’s Ultimate Spod Mix along a marginal shelf.
“At about 9am the next day I had a single bleep and I could see the line pulling through the water. After a quick battle I had a common that I thought was a good thirty, but as I lifted the fish to the mat I knew it was bigger than I first thought.”