New Fox Website Now Live!

The site has been given a makeover with the aim of modernising it and making it much more user-friendly. We have taken the decision to focus on the products both existing and new releases as we are a manufacturer not a media company. All of the latest Fox-related news can be found on our various social media pages, which are instant so we see little point in repeating it on website where it becomes old hat. In addition to the product focus, we have also launched a new e-newsletter which visitors can sign up for on the website as well as creating an area where anglers can apply for Fox sponsorship, by registering an interest and putting their case forward to us. The new site will also be running regular, competitions for visitors to win our tackle as well as providing a point of contact for customers to register their warranty and liaise with us regarding spares and repairs. The new site is mobile friendly so whether you are visiting from a computer, smart phone or tablet you are sure to find the whole experience a pleasant one.