New 'Super Freaks' strain of carp capable of breaking record, says creator

A new breed of carp that could break the UK record could be coming to a fishery near you.
‘Super Freaks’ are the creation of fish farming specialist Rob Hales, who has spent years adopting special techniques in order to produce the super-fast-growing fish.
The strain is being made available to the public through Rob’s firm, RH Fisheries, whose team of experts has already successfully bred carp to over 50lb at The Monument, in Shropshire.
Rob believes the mirrors and commons could reach record sizes within a decade, and he said: “Our current Super Freaks are only 18 months old, but already they average 3lb – that is double the size of other carp at that age.
“They all have the potential and genetics to grow beyond 40lb and will achieve more than 6lb weight gain per year if fed correctly in good water quality. That’s 50 per cent faster than anything we have bred before” he said.
Several carp fisheries have already been in touch to try and secure their order but Rob warned that mass production will not be easily achieved. He added: “We grade the fry from our fisheries and only choose the ones that are much bigger and stand out among thousands.
“These are put into our fish farm and fed six times a day on automatic feeders, with oxygen machines working on timers to ensure they are healthy and feed heavily” he said.
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