More big carp from Wasing

Craig Runham’s good form on a tricky Berkshire water shows no sign of ending as another weekend trip brought about this 28lb 12oz common.

The Bracknell rod has been concentrating his efforts on Shalford Lake on the Wasing Estate this winter and has been the only angler to achieve regular success.

The Korda and Mainline-backed 28-year-old’s latest trip saw him once again fish to a silty plateau that has done all the lake’s winter bites.

Craig said: “I had spread around 2kg of Cell boilies around the area at the rear of the plateau at the end of the previous trip and I have been baiting up on my departure from the lake for some time as I'm sure it is making a difference.

“The area is large, silty and full of bloodworm. I am sure this is the last flourishing bloodworm bed available to the carp this winter. That's why the spot is the only one to produce any bites and it's also the only area in which I have seen signs of fish movement too.”

After a stormy Saturday night, Craig got a run at about 11am on the Sunday. He said: “I plucked the rod from the rests and was met with a fair resistance, from the off the fish felt heavy.

“After a very good tussle a common was seen twisting beneath the waves. It wasn't the ‘something special’ we had all hoped to see but its winter colours made up for it.

“It my fourth winter capture from the lake. I have put in a lot of hard work and a lot of effort this winter for just four bites. I have landed four fish out of four takes, which shows my rig choice was invaluable.”

Craig presented a white corkball Cell pop-up rolled by Mark Dean on hinged stiff rigs made with semi-stiff Korda Hybrid and 25lb Mouth Trap.

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