Monster perch go on a feeding spree

‘Get out there and catch your personal best perch’ – this is the message from a group of fanatical specimen anglers who have banked huge fish from both still and running water venues.

A six-year quest to beat his perch personal best ended when specimen all-rounder Julian Chidgey won the battle with this mint-conditioned 4lb 12oz specimen.

The huge fish, which beats his previous best for the species by 9oz, came during the Fox-backed anglers  first-ever session at a stillwater in his native South West after he found five feet of water beneath some marginal bushes.

He primed the swim with a concoction he calls ‘perch soup’ which is made up a mixture of attractors including mole hill soil, Marukyu SFA 400 Krill powder, chopped worms, prawns and maggots.

It was a mix that certainly did the trick as the 31-year-old, fished a simple float paternoster rig over the top with a small roach attached to a size 2 hook and an 8lb flurocarbon hooklink.
“I chose to suspend the bait in mid water above the roots that littered the lake bed and the take came very quickly after I introduced my special soup,” said Julian.

A stillwater in Devon produced the goods for local angler Tom Collingridge when he banked a trio of huge fish weighing 4lb 8oz, 3lb 8oz and 3lb 1oz.

Like Julian, he’s been trying to land a ‘monster’ perch for many years and finally achieved his goal when he floatfished a lobworm over a bed of chopped worms, chopped prawns and four pints of red maggots.

All of the 40-year-old’s specimens were beaten with 4lb mainline tied straight through to a size 4 Kamasan B983 Wide Gape Specialist hook.

“I usually target waters in other counties much further from home so it’s so satisfying to have caught this huge fish in my home county of Devon, where fish of this calibre are particularly rare.”

Moving from still to running water and a stretch of the tough River Lea in Hertfordshire delivered Ted Bryan his biggest perch in 12 years when he netted this 4lb fish.

The London-based specialist caught his fish with link-legered lobworms on a size 8 Nash Fang X hook and it was a combination that also fooled several other perch to 3lb 4oz.

Last but certainly not least is Alan Stagg who legered prawns on a simple running leger rig to land five perch to a best of 3lb 2oz from a small commercial stillwater in the south of the UK.
The media executive at Gardner Tackle returned the next day to land a further six fish to 3lb 8 drams.

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