Monster crucian carp - biggest ever on film

A record-shaking crucian carp has been discovered at a day-ticket fishery not previously known for its stock of the species.

The enormous specimen, weighing 4lb 7oz, is just two ounces short of the UK record and was found during a routine netting operation on Shropshire’s Blakemere Leisure which is a popular specimen carp fishing venue.

It’s a discovery that came about when venue owner, David Marvell, brought in fishery expert Andrew Ellis and his team at AE Fisheries with a plan to remove some of the fishery’s silverfish.  However, the group was left shocked when the huge fish surfaced during the process.

“I had no idea this fish was in the lake and I don’t know of anyone who has caught it as we mainly host big carp anglers here, but the venue was a match water back in the 1980’s and 90’S so it could be a legacy of those days,” said David.

The fish was witnessed and weighed by Ellis, who despite breeding the species, was also startled by the discovery: “It’s the biggest I’ve seen in a few years and I have crucians over 3lb in my own ponds,” he told Angling Times.

 “I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more in the lake and now we have taken nearly a tonne of roach out this fish will only grow bigger on all the carp bait which goes in; I’m sure if someone caught this in the summer it would be a record beater” he said.

The record for the species is jointly held by Martin Bowler, Phil Smith and Joshua Blavins, with all three having landed fish of 4lb 9oz, but this startling find could allow someone the chance of beating that feat and David is welcoming anglers who want to try their luck: “The netting revealed some big tench in this pool as well as the giant crucian, so this fishery isn’t just about the carp, I welcome any angler who wants to have a go for it.” he added.

A video of the fish can be seen on To book a session at Blakemere visit:

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