Mighty pair of mirror carp from Horton

Horton Church Lake produced two fish for almost 80lb from two different swims for Matthew Stone.

Two mirrors of 37lb 14oz and 41lb 10oz fell during a session at the historic Berkshire venue.

Matthew said: “I turned up at on Wednesday morning and had a good walk round the lake a few times before I found something of interest. After a few casts about with a lead I found two nice patches at about 70 yards.

“The following morning my right-hand rod ripped off and a strange fight followed. I thought I had hooked a stocky at first but as it came closer it went wild and it must have done a 40-yard run. After a 10-minute battle I slipped the net under a 37lb 14oz mirror.

Matthew added: “The swim went dead after that so on Friday morning I moved and set about putting the same tactics into play in another area, but all was dead and on waking up on Sunday morning I was thinking about moving once more when one of my rods let out a one-toner.

“This fight was very different – very deep and slow, and I knew I had a big fish on. After a  nervy battle I slipped the net under a large mirror and looked in the net to see a real Church lump. It spun the scales round to 41lb 10oz, beating my previous pb by just over a pound.

“To say I was buzzing is an understatement, and i still have a whole year to bag a few more!”
Matthew fished hinged stiff rigs and baited with Mad Baits Wicked Whites pop-ups over Nutz freebies.

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