Midweek joy at 45lb pb carp

This beautifully photographed autumn carp gave Chris Abbott his second forty of the year during a fruitful session.
The 24-year-old set a new complex record at Norfolk’s Nar Valley Fisheries with this 45lb 2oz mirror from Lake Geneva, and also caught a 30lb 12oz common and two other mirrors of 37lb 4oz and 33lb 12oz during his 72-hour stay.
Having lost two fish on the Monday of his midweek session, Chris’s dejection turned to elation as he snared the 30lb 12oz common and a 33lb 12oz mirror on Tuesday morning.
The feeding spell repeated itself on Wednesday morning as a 37lb 4oz mirror at 7am was followed by the big one just over an hour later.
Chris, from East Dereham in Norfolk, told Angling Times: “At 8.15am I received a single bleep and saw my rod-tip pull round on the solid clutch.
I then had to walk back at least 20 yards to get the stretch out of my line and guide the fish away from any danger.
“When the fish was at around 100 yards it started fighting and, as I eased it closer to me, I was sure it was a good one. As it came in close to the margin
I caught a glimpse of it and I knew then that I was attached to something very special. My legs had gone to jelly at this point while the fish was trying to flat-rod me.
“Finally, around 20 minutes later, the big mirror slipped over the net cord.
I was absolutely buzzing! I phoned my mate David Selley, who was already on his way down to photograph the 37, and told him the good news.
“We weighed the beast and she went 45lb 2oz. I was absolutely over the moon to have broken my pb for the second time this year and to have caught my second forty from
this venue.”
Chris fished to a small island of rocks at 120 yards and baited with about 1kg of a prototype boilie from Wensum Baits. He fished 15mm hookbaits on Korda IQ D rigs.