Massive pike taken on fly

John Crampton had the surprise of his life when his tiny fly intended for trout was taken by this enormous predator.

Experts estimate that the shock specimen weighs between 35lb and 40lb as unfortunately John didn’t have any scales with him during a session at a trout water in Yorkshire.

It’s believed to be one of three big pike that are known to local anglers that are part of the private trout fishing syndicate that’s in operation at the 27-acre venue and it’s a fish that smashes the Rotherham-based all- rounders previous best that stood at 20lb.

“It absolutely blew me away as all I could compare it to size wise was a Labrador,” John told Angling Times.

“By the time I’d got the better of the fish a crowd of local anglers had built up behind me and as soon as it came up into the clear water in the shallows they all gasped and I couldn’t repeat some of the things that were said because that’s the sort of impact it had.

“It’s such a shame that I didn’t have any scales with me, but to be honest my main concern was to get her back as quickly as possible because the female fish that was four feet in length, was clearly carrying spawn.”

John beat the fish with a 7-weight rod, a 5lb leader and a size 14 Fritz fly and it’s a capture that further proves the big pike potential of trout waters across the UK.

“This is clearly a huge fish and just goes to show there must be dozens of other venues like this around the country that hold massive pike that so many people don’t even know about,” said AT columnist Paul Garner.

Angling Times head of photography Mick Rouse has not only photographed more big pike than most but he’s also banked his fair share of huge pike and he was blown away by John’s surprise capture.

“There’s no doubt that this fish should be in the upper 30lb range if not touch touching 40lb with a girth like that,” said Mick.

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