Massive perch from tiny pond

A tiny unknown venue has produced the biggest perch of the year topping the scales at 5lb 2oz.

Jake Burns yet again proved the record-breaking potential of little-known waters when he hair-rigged a prawn hookbait at what he describes as a ‘Nottingham pond’ that he’s spent the last three years targeting for carp.

After acting on information from local anglers that the venue used to produce predators to over 3lb, he introduced a small handful of prawns under an overhanging tree and fished over the top with a single bait.

It wasn’t long before his first ever cast for the species at the water resulted in the huge predator that smashed his previous best that previously stood at 2lb 3oz.

“I hadn’t even though about the perch at this small water until I began to hear the stories of the big perch that used to be caught,” said Jake.

“So I thought I’d have a quick chuck for them have a go for them while I continued my efforts to get my brother into the sport.

“So you can imagine my amazement when this massive fish took the bait and it’s caused a real stir at the water as you can imagine.

“The incredible thing is that we were the only two anglers on the water and what’s really exciting is that it’s this kind of small fishery that continually throws up big surprises.”
The specimen produced the only bite of the session for the 23-year-old, who lives on the outskirts of Nottingham and he fished a simple running leger rig coupled with a size 10 hook.

“This capture sums up why I love fishing so much because I’m not a big name just a man who loves his fishing and can still catch one of the biggest perch out there with a few prawns and a couple of hundred pounds worth of gear,” Jake continued. 

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