Long wait for 41lb 4oz mirror carp

A weed-hampered battle in freezing conditions eventually yielded this 41lb 4oz mirror at a Bedfordshire pit.

Mark Ayliffe had to bide his time during the tussle with the fish, known as Scale on the Shoulder, but eventually won the day.

He said: “I picked up the rod and lent in to a heavy fish which went straight in to a weedbed. It was solid and not moving an inch. With the northerly wind and a wind chill of -5c it became too much for me, I was freezing, so the rod was put back on the buzzer and we retreated to the bivvy to get the kettle on.

“The fish finally started to move out of the weed of its own accord and then after a hard, heavy fight it was in the net. I was buzzing and glad an old mate was there to get some good pictures.”

The 49-year-old Dunstable angler used crushed Sticky Krill boilies with Sticky Bloodworm Pellet and sweetcorn. He fished just two rod lengths out.

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