Lindholme boss urges meat ban on fisheries

The owner of a top commercial fishery is urging every venue in the country to follow his lead and ban meat, while claiming the introduction of the rule has transformed the venue’s fortunes.

Doncaster’s Lindholme Lakes outlawed the popular bait a year ago, after scientific studies suggested that the bait could adversely affect fish health and water quality, Owner Neil Grantham believes the decision was the most important one he has made since opening the complex.

He said: “The decision sparked a lot of debate, but I have absolutely no regrets about the ban and would advise other commercials to do the same.

“Meat is a bait that is full of fat and it can take fish up to three days to digest it – that cannot be good for their health. Excess bait also sits on the bottom for a long time and water quality deteriorates.

“Since we took the decision the fish are healthier than ever, weights are increasing and checks on the water quality have shown a dramatic improvement.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the meat ban has led to this transformation,” he added.

Several other venues have adopted the same stance and Trevor Price, manager of Buckinghamshire’s Alders Farm, believes that any fisheries restricting the use of meat will soon reap the rewards.

“Some anglers were using 15 tins a day and our research showed that such large amounts could put the fish stocks at risk,” explained Trevor.

“Many other baits provide suitable nutrition for the fish while helping people get lots of bites, and I think a lot more fisheries will introduce the meat ban in the near future.”