Legendary pike lake yields 200lb of bream

The coarse fishing potential of trout reservoirs was further proved this week when the venue that holds the current British pike record produced a huge net of bream.

Llandegfedd Reservoir opens its doors to predator anglers for the first time in seven years this September, but Kevin Clark showed why the South Wales venue is not just about record-breaking pike when he used seven loaves of bread to catch well over 200lb of bream.

The local 32-year-old liquidised the supermarket offering and then packed it, along with corn and pellets, into his feeder and cast it out 50yds from his swim on the north bank of the daunting 430-acre venue that was home to Roy Lewis’ 1992 British pike best of 46lb 13oz.

Kevin banked 48 bream averaging 4lb apiece with a simple rig made from 4lb line and a maggot hookbait. He reckons that this latest haul is perfect proof that the rewards are just waiting to be reaped at Llandegfedd and other trout reservoirs across the UK.

“This isn’t the first or the biggest catch I’ve had, but it shows what such waters are capable of,” said Kevin.

“The secret is to find the fish, so I spent time plumbing around with a lead and found a deep hole. Once I’d got a bed of bait down I was catching bream before the feeder had even hit the bottom.”

Llandegfedd is one of many trout reservoirs that welcome non-game anglers to come and cash in on the abundance of other species. Tony Busby, head ranger at Llandegfedd, is urging anglers to sample the coarse fishing potential of the venue.

“This is perfect proof of what Llandegfedd is capable of when it comes to coarse fishing, but we need more anglers to fish for other species just like Kevin,” said Tony.