Last minute 40lb-plus mirror carp

This 43lb 7oz mirror made a last-minute appearance to give Alex Shipley a new personal best just as he was packing away.

The fish came at the tail end of a 24-hour session on West End Lake at Kent’s Elphicks complex and was the larger of two mirrors to be caught by the Rainham angler.

Alex told Angling Times: “I actually caught this fish back in August last year at 42lb 6oz, so it was nice to see her again and see she is still putting on the weight. Happy days!”

The 36-year-old radiographer added: “The big one came at 8am on the second morning as I was starting to pack up. I saw a big fish crash in front of an island at the other end of the lake, so I wandered down to the next peg and fired a trusty single CC Moore Northern Special pop-up right on it.

“I walked the rod back and 10 minutes later it roared off. A hard 15-minute battle later and she was in the net.”

The forty followed on from a 26lb 8oz mirror the previous day. “The small fish came on the first day at 1pm on a Northern Special pop-up cast at a fish which showed out in front of me where I had put a small scattering of Mainline Hybrid and Urban Bait Nutcracker boilies.”

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