Kris Ollington slips the net under his SIXTH 50lb carp

The untouchable Kris Ollington slipped the net under his SIXTH different 50-pounder of the season as he added another chapter to his record-breaking year.
The 33-year-old has been in scintillating form on Berkshire’s Wellington Country Park, becoming the first angler to catch this many British fifties in the same season.
“It’s unbelievable,” the Surrey angler said. “I’ve had about 35 fish this year, which is a mega number of bites considering how it’s been fishing.
“Some people have had one or two fish all year, so I’ve been really fortunate with the ones I’ve been having.”
Kris’s most recent two-nighter produced six fish, including a 36-pounder, a 32-pounder and three twenties for good measure.
“The big one was the last fish on the final morning,” he said.
“It was 6.30am and I’d just recast my rod and was waiting for the line to sink. I sat on my bedchair for a few minutes while everything settled, and it pulled up tight before I even had a chance to put a bobbin on.
“It was a proper fight of about 25 minutes and I had a feeling it was a better fish, but it was only just getting light so I didn’t know which one it was until I got it out.”
The fish, known as the Big Linear, had never scaled 50lb before but weighed in at 50lb 5oz. “It doesn’t get caught very often and is one of the real jewels of the lake,” said Kris, who fished at 108 yards in a swim known as Laurie’s.
He fed Mainline Activ-8 and Hybrid boilies, presenting Activ-8 hookbaits on combi rigs made with Gardner components.