Keith Arthur plans to return to our TV screens

The creators of some of the most successful TV programmes in fishing history have revealed their intentions to launch a new show to replace the iconic Tight Lines.

Sky Sports bosses recently called time on the programme after 20 years, but this week presenter Keith Arthur has set his sights on a speedy return to our screens.

The Angling Times columnist is adamant that fishing deserves a prime time spot on TV, and has already started work on a brand new concept.

He said: “There can be no doubt about the success of Tight Lines – it lasted 20 years and more than 800 shows, and that proves that there is room for a quality fishing show
on TV.

“I have a few ideas myself, and I know there is interest in at least two of them, so I don’t think British TV has seen the end of angling – or me – just yet.”

Global sports promoter Barry Hearn was among the thousands that were upset at the demise of Tight Lines, and he has joined the campaign for a new show to be developed.

The Matchroom Sport boss has been the brains behind hundreds of sports programmes that have aired across the world, and he told Angling Times: “Tight Lines coming to an end was a real shame for the sport of fishing and it will be missed by thousands of anglers.

“But that doesn’t mean this is the end of angling on ‘the box’ and I believe there is scope to air a new and exciting show in the future.

“I am always looking at new ideas and concepts for TV shows – after all, that is what Matchroom Sport is all about.

“There are a lot of broadcasters out there that could be interested, so let’s see what happens,” added Barry.