Junior fishing match aid a success

The second Junior Match Aid Festival to be held at Partridge Lakes in as many years was hailed a massive success, with all young anglers catching plenty of fish and benefiting from some top coaching.

Preston consultants Des Shipp, Lee Kerry and Andy Findlay were on hand to give the participants tips and advice over the three days, plus hand over plenty of generous tackle and bait prizes from the sponsors Preston Innovations.

Junior Match Aid is split into an overall prize board plus two different age groups of 16 to 18, and 15 and under.

The overall winner of the event was Jordan Holloway with a perfect three-point score and a total weight of 93kg 030g, picking up over £500 for his efforts.

Runner-up was Liam Miller, again with a three-point score but a smaller weight. Lewis Turner completed the top three, one of four anglers with a perfect score.

Prizes down to 10th place were awarded, and there was also a friendly team competition, won by the team headed by Lee Kerry.

Match Aid is growing all the time with the help of its team of dedicated volunteers. For more information on the charity, please visit www.matchaid.org.uk.

Overall: 1 J Holloway 3 (93-030); 2 L Miller 3 (86-650); 3 L Turner 3 (80-800); 4 W McCranor 3(55-820);
5 S Claydon 4.
15 and under: 1 R Swan 3; 2 Y Sephton 5 (54-980);
3 J Powell 5 (47-990)
16 – 18: 1 J Allen 4; 2 A Harmen 5 (76-650); 3 H Munro
5 (65-750)