John Wilson joins the Thai ton-up carp club

This is the picture of John Wilson’s biggest-ever carp, topping the scales at over 100lb.
The legendary angler, who now lives in Thailand, won the battle with the personal-best Siamese carp after he floatfished a hookbait made from rice and breadcrumbs in a session at the famous Palm Tree Lagoon, south of the capital Bangkok.
“This is the fattest carp I have ever caught. It measured 15ins across its back and almost 2ft in depth,” John told Angling Times.
But this wasn’t John’s only epic battle of the day – for three-and-a-half hours he fought a giant Mekong catfish, estimated to weigh in excess of 300lb, before his trace gave way.
“In all my years of fishing I have never felt such devastating stamina and power from a fish. I rather think that if the trace had not parted I’d still be playing it now,” he laughed.
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