Huge roach from a free river stretch

A free stretch of river cemented its place as one of the most prolific specimen roach fisheries in the land after a producing a huge fish weighing 3lb 1oz 8 drams.

Matt Jackson became one of very few anglers who’s now banked three river specimens over the magical bench mark when he fished the incredible stretch of the River Frome that runs through the centre of Wareham, in Dorset.

His short session on the popular waterway, that’s produced countless specimens to over 3lb with the best weighing 3lb 11oz, also produced roach weighing 2lb 2oz and 1lb 15 oz after the Pure FishingGuru-backed specialist introduced a bed of CC Moores hempseed and then fished a helicopter-style feeder rig over the top.

“I was lucky enough to land a brace of roach already this year, but I still turned into a quivering mess  as soon as I saw this fish break the surface, said Matt.

“This is madness as I haven’t been targeting the species for very long and I know of so many anglers that fished for many years before they managed to catch a fish like this.“ It’s an incredible free stretch of river.

The Wiltshire-based 27-year-old, who recently banked the second biggest brace of river roach in history weighing 3lb 7oz and 3lb 2oz from a southern chalk stream, banked all three of his Frome fish with a rig that was made from a 3lb hooklink and finished with a fine size 18 hook that housed a single maggot.

Dean Watts is owner of Purbeck Angling, which is a popular tackle shop that’s located just a stone’s throw away from the river and he is continually blown away by the seemingly endless supply of huge roach this stretch produces every year.

“There are times when this piece of river has produced up to five fish over 3lb in a single week and the last time I tried to count how many ‘threes’ it’s thrown up over the years and I stopped at 41,” said Dean.

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