Huge potential at quiet Westerly Lake

Nestled in Yorkshire’s rolling countryside resides this stunning one and-a-half acre water which offers a very secluded and exclusive fishing experience. It’s a lake that seems to have drifted into the ‘forgotten gem’ category as anglers are seen few and far between here – with many now opting to head for the carp-filled commercial fisheries where a bite-a-chuck is virtually guaranteed.

This neglect however has allowed the fish to thrive at Westerly with the chance of a specimen now on the cards. Perch to 4lb, roach to 2lb and carp to 20lb will provided the majority of bites, with the chance of a big tench, chub or crucian carp thrown in for good measure.

The structure of the lake also caters for different styles of angling thanks to the variety of features on offer. The central island is a prime target for the feeder or bomb, whereas the vast space of open water is ideal for pole and waggler enthusiasts.

On the other hand, if margin fishing is your thing then the reed lined margins or overhanging trees are there if you need them.

Prawn is a must-have bait here with virtually anything that swims snapping them up – either via a hair rig or simply nicked on the hook. Matchmen fishing a pleasure session can amass 20lb mixed bags of roach, chub and perch by fishing maggot, worm and prawn over groundbait on the long pole.

Alternatively, the carpers can find fish to 25lb lurking around the island shelves if they can get them to feed on boilies and pellets.

Prices: £6 a day, Concessions for caravan residents
Contact: Geoff and Barbara on 01904 448500, 
Location: The Lodge, Westerly Lake, Wheldrake, York, YO19 6AH
Rules: No night fishing, barbless hooks only, no fixed rigs, no braided hook links, boilies:-no more than 1kg per angler, fish must only be ‘wet handled’ no dry mats or towels, groundbait in feeders and pole cups only, catfood on hooks only, no keepnets, no fish to be taken away from the fishery, surplus bait must not be dumped in the lake, no spodding, no baitboats, surface fishing in moderation is allowed, but bread must not be used.

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