Huge Kennet chub close to a river record

One of the biggest chub ever caught from the River Kennet has been banked in the form of a 7lb 7oz specimen.
It was caught by big-fish angler Neil Macdonald during an overnight session on an undisclosed stretch of the waterway in Berkshire.
Neil (38) tempted the huge fish on a leger rig consisting of a double hair rigged boilie mounted on a size 10 Pallatrax hook and 12lb Daiwa sensor mainline.
The catch resulted in a third personal best for the species this year for the Reading angler, all from the same stretch.
“The river has been really good to me this season for barbel as well as chub.
“I cannot wait to get back there around January, when I’m pretty sure if I have the pleasure of catching her again she will hopefully be over the magic 8lb mark,” he told Angling Times.