How big was this mirror carp? Scales break, but captor knows it topped 43lb

Mark Barker will never know the exact weight of this Suffolk carp after his scales broke as they spun past 43lb.

But with three twenties and the lake’s biggest resident falling to his rods in 48 hours at West Stow Country Park he wasn’t complaining.

Mark, who was alone on the water which has a no-sacking rule, said: “The consensus around the syndicate is the fish could have done 45lb-plus and broken my pb. It was last caught at 46lb 8oz, but I had no option but to settle on 43lb-plus.”

It was only Mark’s second session at the venue and, with warm, sunny conditions, he found the fish in the shallower part of the lake.

Having positioned a rod on a clear spot in the margins, Mark’s first take came at 7am on the second day and produced a mirror called Broken Lin at 24lb 10oz. Three hours later, a 23lb common fell to the same rod and at 4pm he got the take from the lake’s biggest resident.

“It was evident that this was a much better stamp of fish from its heavy, plodding fight. After five minutes, though, I netted a large-framed leathery-looking carp.”

A 20lb common the next morning completed the session for Mark, who baited with new Mad Baits boilie.