Heatwave Fryerning carp of 39lb 4oz and 37lb 2oz

Top carper Adam Penning was made to work hard in searing heat but was rewarded with two new personal bests.

The former E-S-P and Korda man, who now offers fishing tutorials, took a new zig-caught personal best of 37lb 2oz and a surface-caught best of 39lb 4oz from Fryerning Fisheries
in Essex.

The larger of the two mirrors, known as Four Scale, is the biggest floater-caught fish the 44-year-old has caught since the turn of the century.

“It’s a new floater pb for me after 15 years of trying to beat my previous best,” said the Essex rod. “I saw this girl take the bait and an epic scrap followed. I’m honestly speechless – carp fishing has the ability to stupefy me!”

Adam, who was fishing a 72-hour session on the complex’s Main Lake, fed Hinders Floaters and used a 12mm Sticky Krill White Ones pop-up on the hook. A couple of biteless nights followed, but constantly adjusting zig rigs paid dividends in the session’s dying moments.

Said Adam: “The next couple of nights passed without result. I have been working my socks off trying to get a bite but there’s been nothing caught over bait for a while now – it was really hard going.

“But I’ve been playing around with zigs and I changed colour and changed depth, and eventually, while I was packing down at the end of my session, I had a bite – just one bleep – and this creature was the result.

“It’s by far the biggest fish I’ve had on a zig – 37lb 2oz! It’s a session I won’t forget in a long time – it’s made my day, made my month.”