Gribble’s best bream tops haul of six more doubles

Dai Gribble paddled four miles and was rewarded with a fish that tops a string of catches he claims is ‘the angling equivalent of climbing Mount Everest’.

Hot on the heels of the capture of the biggest-ever tench caught by design – a fish of 14lb 13oz – the Korum-backed ace turned his attentions to bream and struck gold with a 20lb 10oz personal best.

After ignoring the species for more than six years, the Staffordshire specialist was the first to admit that the capture of this huge bream, along with specimens weighing 16lb, 15lb 10oz, 15lb 4oz, 14lb 6oz, 13lb 13oz and 12lb 1oz, was beyond his wildest dreams.

“Just when I think my year can’t get any better my next session produces this!,” he said.
“The tench, along with this huge catch of bream, is without doubt fishing’s equivalent to climbing Everest,” added Dai, who has banked no fewer than 16 double-figure tench so far this year.

“It’s all been a bit of a blur and I really haven’t had the chance to come down from any of it just yet.”

The bream smashed his previous best for the species that stood at 18lb 12oz – a fish caught from a southern stillwater – when he pinpointed a clear patch of gravel
180 yards from his own bank.

He then paddled out in a small boat to introduce a bed of groundbait, pellets and corn over the top, and drop his helicopter rigs over his chosen area.

The winning hookbaits were 15mm and 12mm Sonubaits 24/7 boilies presented snowman-style and fished on 10lb Korum Xpert hooklink and a size 8 hook.

“It was really hard work using small hand paddles to get the bait and the rigs out in the boat during the three-day session. I worked out I paddled four miles in total, but it was so worth it,” Dai continued.

“There’s nothing complex about my fishing, but it’s so important to have your bait in the right place at the right time. That’s why I’ve caught what I have so far this year.”