Great chance of a 2lb roach at Tricklebrook Fishery

A 2lb roach is a fish that many anglers think could only dream of catching but head to Tricklebrook Fishery now to make that thought a reality.

The Kent-based complex is home to a brace of pools but it is the Main Lake that is gaining all the plaudits at the moment, with personal best redfins coming to the net on a regular basis.

Basic pole and waggler tactics are both scoring for these immaculate specimens, with double maggot, caster or even a grain of corn working best. Feed a couple of balls of sweet groundbait to start with and fish over the top to maximise the potential of your day on the bank.

If perch are more to your liking then you are also catered for, with predators to a giant 5lb plus recorded in the past. These fish tend to linger either close to the island or close to the bank and a large lobworm over a bed of chopped up freebies will prove irresistible.
Last but certainly not least, fishmeal boilies are working for the huge carp that are present, with the best going over 40lb in the past.

Take all of this in to account and it’s easy to see why the locals consider Tricklebrook to be the best specimen day ticket fishery in the region.

Prices: Main Lake is £10 for two rods or £15 for three, Match Lake is £7.50 for two rods.
Contact: Nigel at the fishery 077439 55812
Location: Tricklebrook Fishery, Colts Hill, Five Oak Green, Kent, TN12 6SH
Facilities: Toilets, hot drinks, hot food
Rules: Livebait to be caught onsite, barbless only, no keepnets, no fixed leads.

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