Giant mirror from Anglers Paradise is a Devon best

Devon has produced its first 50lb carp in the shape of this brute of a mirror.

The fish, known as Gorilla, sets a new all-time record for the popular Anglers Paradise complex and was caught from its Kracking Carp Lake by Carl Cliff Brown.

“The whole team at Anglers Paradise are over the moon as we have grown this fish on for many years from a baby and now it’s 50lb,” said venue founder Zyg Gregorek’s daughter Zenia.

The 36-year-old captor, who comes from Paignton, said: “On day two of the session I was up at around 6am seeing if I could see any fish. At about 7.20am I saw some movement in the margin, but it was about 60 yards away and wasn’t 100 per cent, so I didn’t reposition my left rod straight away.

“About 20 minutes later I saw a fish breach the water, confirming what I thought I had seen earlier. At that point I decided to bring my left rod back in and try a different plan of attack.”

Having baited lightly with boilies and pellets, and attached two pieces of fake corn to his rig, Carl did not have to wait long for a bite.

“At 10.05am I had a single bleep on the same rod and I wasn’t waiting for another one! After a 10-minute fight I was happy to see the fish in the net. We got her on the scales and she weighed 50lb bang on – three of us all agree on the weight.”

Carl baited with boilies rolled by Mat Skelly of Euro Angling in Torquay.

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