Giant 57lb mirror carp caught in just one hour

This giant mirror had not been caught for 11 months before Joe Blair accepted a guest ticket at his mate’s syndicate and caught it within an hour.

The 57lb 12oz fish, known as Single Scale, came from a partially frozen Ashmead Lake in Somerset, which will be open to public bookings later in the year.

The fish, which is currently on Terry Hearn’s hitlist, has previously weighed as much as 58lb 8oz, but has never been this heavy in winter before.

Venue owner Mark Walsingham told Angling Times: “It’s a very special capture and Joe was absolutely made up. He knew which fish it was as he was playing it, which added a bit of pressure.

“It was such a dull and gloomy day and there was still ice on part of the lake. Joe arrived and caught it within an hour.

“It’s not been caught since last March and it’s at its biggest winter weight, so who knows what it could weigh if it comes out in the spring.

“It’s a lovely fish and the thing I love about it is that it grown on in Ashmead from fry. It represents the environment in which it swims.”

Ashmead, which has previously been an exclusive syndicate water, is to open its doors to the public later this year. During selected periods, a maximum of seven anglers will be able to book the water entirely for themselves. No bookings are yet being taken and full details are to be announced expected next month.

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