Gallery: The Big One Show 2015

The clue is in the name. The largest fishing show in Britain - The Big One - threw open its doors to an estimated 17,000 anglers at the weekend in a two-day fishing tackle extravaganza.

For many visitors this was the once-in-a-season opportunity to see all the year's new kit for themselves, attend instructional seminars, meet the stars of the angling world, as well as grabbing a bargain or two along the way at the numerous retailer stands.

Although much of the new gear on show has already graced the pages of Angling Times via our exclusive reviews, with just about every major tackle manufacturer showcasing their latest products in Farnborough, there was still lots to see.

See this week's Angling Times for our pick of all the latest and best gear on display.

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Anglers ask for advice at the Nash stand.


Gary Bayes, Keith Sykes and Paul Garner were on the Nash stand.

Alan Blair on the Nash stand.

The new Browning chair.

Bob Nudd shows AT tackle editor Mark Sawyer the new Browning Sphere rod.

Mark checks out the new Boatbox Baiter.

Mark with Matrix's Ricky Teale and the new Superbox 36.

Mark checks out the new Superbox 36.

Crowds gather at the Fox stand.

Dean Macey, Danny Fairbrass and Steve Ringer on the Guru stand.

Dean Macey was a popular attraction on the Guru stand.

Crowds gather around the Guru stand.

Guru's Adam Rooney shows off their new Hybrid Feeder.

A closer look at the new Hybrid Feeder.

Avid Carp's Ian Russell gives a talk.

Colmic's Jamie Masson shows off their new 999 seatbox.

Colmic had a large range of poles at the show.

Angling Times' Mark Sawyer and guide Steve Townson from Amazon Angler

Mark with the new Frenzee rod rest.

Frenzee's Andy Neal shows Mark their new pole floats.

Preston's Tommy Pickering gives a talk.

Mark checks out the poles on the Preston stand.

Steve Ringer signs his new book on the Angling Times stand.

Mark takes a look at the new Super Rocket rods.

Garbolino's Darren Cox and the new Super Rocket rods.

Simon Fry (right) shows off the new Sakura spinning rods to Angling Times' Richard Grange.

Mark Sawyer and Sensas's enormous new pole roller.

Mark and the new Tubertini Kit Holdall.

Mark and Taska's new Sportex rods.

Mark is shown the new Warmer Core heated boot liners.

The full range of boot liners.

Mark checks out the new Octbox D36.

A closer look at the legs of the Octbox 36.

Free Spirit's Pete Castle and their CTX rod range.