Friends share historic pair of grayling

Two friends shared in the capture of one of the biggest grayling hauls of all time when they banked brace of huge specimens.

Paul Restall and Tim Lennon both beat their personal bests for the species when they visited a stretch of Dorset’s River Frome and landed grayling of 3lb 12 oz and 3lb 10oz respectively.

The historic brace of fish were taken with hours of each other and Paul’s specimen is the third biggest ever taken from a UK river and tempted when the Christchurch-based 53-year-old, floatfished a grain of corn in a swim that was five feet deep.

“It went off in every direction and leapt out twice, it was so big I thought it was a trout! I wasn’t fishing heavy tackle so I had to play it carefully and it took nearly 10 minutes to land, it was exhilarating stuff,” he said. 

Well-known specialist Tim floatfished maggots and followed up his recent capture of a 3lb 5oz fish caught from the same stretch with his biggest ever grayling.

“My fish came from a deep pool in the river. The fight was incredible and it felt like I’d hooked the bottom when I hit, I thought it might be a personal best when I saw it in the net. It was the biggest grayling I’d ever heard of since the record in 2009, at least it was for two hours anyway! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I heard Paul shout and I walked up and saw a grayling even larger than mine! It was just an extraordinary day,” he said.

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