Friends share haul topped by targeted 36lb fish

Sharing special captures with friends can make success even sweeter, as Ross Ryder found on a productive social session.

The Dorset angler shared a swim on a local syndicate with friend Hadley Ever and banked a 40lb 4oz mirror carp, a 36lb 12oz linear he had been targeting and a 26lb mirror. Not to be outdone, Hadley managed two twenties and a 35lb 8oz mirror.

“What a crazy night and an amazing experience to share with such a good friend,” said Ross.

“For me this is what fishing is about, having fun and creating memories with great company.”

The tiler added: “The fish turned up in front of us while we were setting up and we knew we were in for a couple. By the time we got set up and put the rods out it was 6pm.

“At 8pm my middle rod tore off, the tip bending over the top of my right-hand rod with line peeling from the spool. After a 10-minute battle a dark mirror rolled into the net. Lifting her on to the mat we realised how big she was – at 40lb 4oz she was my second forty of the year and my third UK forty overall.”

The hours of darkness brought Hadley’s fish, before Ross resumed his haul at breakfast time with two bites in quick succession. The second run resulted in an epic battle in the weed before a plump mirror eventually rolled into the net.

“We got her on the mat, peeled back the net and there she was, my target fish The Football Linear at 36lb 12oz – what a buzz!”

All the fish fell to 15mm Dynamite Source pop-ups on hinged stiff rigs over matching boilies and chilli hemp.