Four carp in four hours before lake freezes

Coldwater carping can be all about timing and Alex Shipley proved just that with four fish in as many hours before the lake froze over.

Tackling the North Lake at Kent’s Elphicks complex, the Rainham angler bagged mirrors of 37lb 6oz, 29lb 3oz and 21lb 8oz, as well as a 24lb 14oz common.

Alex arrived for a 24-hour session in the middle of the morning and was tipped off about where the fish might be. The 36-year-old radiographer told Angling Times: “When I arrived at the lake at 10am I walked around twice but there was no sign of fish. After speaking to one of the bailiffs about where they had been showing I opted to fish a large area of open water where I could also reach the no-fishing bank. 

“The first fish, a 29lb 3oz mirror, came just after midday, and as I netted it another rod ripped off.  Leaving that first fish in the net, I played the 24lb 14oz common while putting my spare net together and landed that too.

“The bigger mirror came at 2.30pm and was a full-bloodied run followed by a hard 10-minute fight. The final fish, a smaller mirror, came at 4pm. Unfortunately the temperature really dropped after dark and the lake froze by about 8pm so that put an end to the action.

“The fish all came from the same area on CC Moore Northern Special pop-ups on combi links and running leads. I only introduced about 10 to 15 baits per rod and they were a mix of Mainline Hybrid and Urban Baits Nutcracker boilies.”

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