Fishery snubs mega weights

The new owner of a commercial fishery that’s produced collosal weights of carp to over 600lb has vowed to bring its reputation as a ‘mega-weight’ water to an end.

Buckinghamshire’s Alders Farm has hosted several attempts to break UK match fishing records in recent years with summer matches regularly being won with well over 400lb.
But now with dwindling match attendances due to the view held by many that catching such huge weights of carp isn’t ‘proper fishing’ a huge overhaul of the stocking policy at the complex has this week been unveiled.

In order to more than half the average summer winning weights new owner Lewis Monk has sought advice from fishery experts and has already began his bid to change the reputation of the complex by removing larger carp from the popular Ash & Pines lakes to make way for other species such as skimmers and tench.

There are also plans to conduct a stock check every three years to keep on top of the amount of fish in the lakes, stocking and destocking where we see appropriate.

“There was a time when anglers wanted to catch much bigger than average catches but those days have gone,” said Lewis.

“This fishery used to have a big match scene but attendances halved in many of those because it was impossible to compete with a handful of big weight experts, but this can’t continue.”

 “Our new plans will make sure we provide lots of bites but 150lb will be a normal weight as opposed to 400lb. Fish welfare has to be our priority.

“It’s exciting times for Alders and everything we are doing has the anglers and the fish at the top of our priorities.” he added.

Fishery manager and regular match winner Trevor Price will be assisting with the overhaul of Alders Farm and he added: “I won 34 matches here last summer and I have to admit it was becoming a little bit beyond a joke. These steps should help create a level playing field.”

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