First French carp is 87lb!

When Bruce Head set off for his maiden trip to France he had his sights set on a 20-pounder, but his first Gallic carp turned out to be one of the biggest in the world.
On his first day of fishing, the 34-year-old banked the Scar Fish – a huge mirror which once held the world record at 99lb. This time it was down in weight, but still pulled the scales round to 87lb.
“I went thinking ‘if I catch a twenty I’ll be happy’,” said Bruce. “I could only have dreamed of catching the legendary Scar Fish, but I did! Everyone I tell thinks it’s incredible – my first French fish is 87lb!”
The Norfolk angler arrived on Saturday, but after baiting a selection of spots he didn’t get his rods out until the following day. At 5pm on the Sunday, the giant mirror picked up one of his baits and Bruce jumped in a boat to do battle out in the lake.
“After about five minutes the fish came to the surface and it looked big, but I had no idea it was Scar.” After being pulled around in circles for 10 minutes, Bruce steadied the boat.
“The fish came up and looked ready to net, and as I’ve gone to slowly pull the fish towards the landing net I’ve seen the scar and the size of the fish. Just then it was off again!
“All I was thinking is that no-one is going to believe me that it was Scar if it comes off! After another 10 minutes of being pulled around she came up again, but this time I got the net under her – but with great difficulty!
“I couldn’t believe the size of it, it took up the whole net!”
Bruce, who had two forties later in the week, tempted the Scar on a corked-out 18mm Mainline Cell boilie tied to a size 6 wide-gape hook on a blowback rig.