Fewer fish but more anglers at Alders Farm Fishery

The controversial removal of over three tonnes of fish from a record-breaking commercial fishery has been hailed a massive success after day ticket sales sore.

Buckinghamshire’s Alders Farm Fishery has divided opinion among anglers and venue owners alike for many years after it became famous for producing colossal match and pleasure weights that often eclipsed the 500lb barrier.

But in order to address a decline in ticket sales, match attendances and criticism regarding stocking levels, the new owners of the complex decided to make radical changes in order to bring catches down to a ‘sensible and sustainable level’ .

The removal of huge numbers of carp and silver fish from the trio of waters has not only been hailed a huge success among venue regulars, but countless newcomers to the complex are also recording personal best catches on a daily basis.

Venue manager Trevor Price has been shocked at the instant transformation of the fishery and he told Angling Times: “The experts told us that we previously had so many fish that we were on the verge of a catastrophe that could have wiped the fishery out completely.”

“We have reduced the biomass of each lake by thousands of pounds and it’s really turned things around with lots of new faces showing up at the fishery and really enjoying the ‘new’ Alders Farm.”

“The days of catching 500lb at the venue are gone forever and I thoroughly believe that other fisheries could benefit from similar destocking action,” he added.

Staff at Mainstream Fisheries in Lincolnshire conducted the fish removal project and boss Carl Francis is confident the move will help the complex flourish for years to come.

“Many fisheries will suffer a dip in form and will instantly stock more fish to resolve it but this is often the complete opposite of what they should be doing,” he said.

“Alders Farm had an extremely high stocking level and removing some of those fish will promote better growth rates and better quality sport for their customers.”

For more information about the fishery call: 01525 261713 or visit: www.aldersfarm.com

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