Extra day results in brace of twenties

A snap decision to stay an extra night paid off handsomely for John Flewin as he bagged two winter corkers from a Welsh day-ticket fishery.

The Neath angler travelled to the Specimen Lake at nearby White Springs in Swansea and banked a fish known as Colin at 28lb 8oz and another mirror of 27lb 8oz. It completed a run of twenties in every month of the year for the 31-year-old.

John, who runs Tales Angling Media, told Angling Times: “I had planned to only fish a 24-hour session and after losing one fish early in the morning I felt I needed to stay to redeem myself.

“After clearing it for another 24-hour session I went round to bait a spot I hadn't fished and saw two decent-sized fish on the area that I unfortunately spooked. I baited the spot with balls of crumbed-up Innovate Baits Kream Krunch Steamies with added liquid attractors including betalin scopex, black pepper oil and the Kream Krunch liquid food. I also put out a few baits whole and halved thrown on top.

“I lowered the rig on to the spot which was around 6ins off the bank and walked my rod back to the swim and fished locked up. The first run came at 9pm and after a savage 20-minute battle that resulted in both rods getting wiped out I netted the first fish at 27lb 8oz.”

John was just starting to pack away at 8.30am the next morning when he received another bite.

He said: “The rod hooped around again and I was into another fish. I quickly wound down to the fish as I walked along the bank to the intimate bay and, realising the fish was going to fight hard in the dying lily roots, had to loosen the clutch to get to the net. After dragging the net back up the bank I managed to roll the fish over the net cord. I could see this this was another thick-set fish so called one of the bailiffs down to get some snaps. As the fish lay on the mat we both realised that it was one of the named fish, Colin The Carp.”

John used a hinged stiff rig made with Vardis components and baited with an Innovate Baits Squid 2T pop-up and an Evolution Carp Tackle maggot topper.

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