Elusive carp banked at 45lb 14oz

One of the country’s most coveted and elusive carp has been caught at 45lb 14oz.

Triple Row, named after its linear scaling, fell to Chris Beasley at White Swan on Berkshire’s Dinton Pastures country park during his first session of the year.

He said: “It’s the one everyone wants the most. I couldn’t believe it, I had Triple Row – it’s only been caught 10 or so times ever!”

The 28-year-old from Thatcham caught the sought-after stunner during a 72-hour session during which he moved on to showing fish.

He said: “With the season about to end and the lake having a good track record of throwing up something special at the end of the ticket I thought I’d better get down for my first trip on there this year.

“I did a night down on the end of the wind, in a swim that gives you a good view of the length of the lake, with the idea of being able to see a few in the morning. With nothing spotted I packed my gear down and went for a wander.

“After a good couple of hours I saw a fish jump clean out in the middle section of the lake. I ran back to get my gear then got the rods out.

“All was quiet in the night apart from the odd fish boshing out. At 6am I had the bite I was looking for and after it gave me a proper beasting I got it in the net.

“Let’s hope next season is even better!”

Chris fished a single Sticky Krill White One hookbait on a multi rig made with Korda components.

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