Elusive Long Common out at 41lb 8oz

A fish that once went nine years without capture has slipped up at 41lb 8oz.

The Long Common, which lives in the 1.5-acre Spitfire Pool in Norfolk, was banked by Ian Coote along with a 32lb mirror during a six-night session.

The sought-after fish, which escaped anglers for nearly a decade between March 2005 and April 2004, has now been caught three times in 12 months.

Rich Wilby, who owns the water on his Airfield Lakes site, told Angling Times: “It’s a weird old fish, it went nine years without being caught, but it has now been banked three times in one year. I’m sure now the pool is open and getting fished more regularly it has simply discovered what boilies are and it clearly loves them.

“I think it was just so occupied on natural food beforehand it wasn’t even looking at bait, but that has now changed. I’ve seen that happen on other rich waters. It shows that in the end carp will always adapt and eventually recognise bait as an easy meal.”

This latest capture rounded off a successful week for 33-year-old Norfolk angler Ian. “The 32lb-plus mirror was his first UK thirty,” said Rich, “and then two nights later he was holding his first UK forty – it was a proper dream session for him.”

Ian used Nash Squid boilies and fished just a rod length out in a deep hole where he saw the common roll twice. He baited with 40 boilies over each rod and presented his hookbaits on rigs made with ESP Two Tone and a size 6 ACE hook.

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