Drayton goes online to lift illegal fishing threat

A record-breaking commercial fishery has eradicated poaching and illegal fishing thanks to online videos and social media.
Venue bosses at Drayton Reservoir are urging other fisheries to follow their example after it began a campaign to educate and welcome the growing number of eastern European carp anglers to the prolific Northants venue.
Not only has it launched an online video that lists all its rules in Polish, but also regularly uses Facebook to engage with eastern Europeans and now has many foreign regulars that have benefited from the fishery’s innovative ideas.
“We don’t have any problems at Drayton as I know that many eastern European anglers who fish here have watched the video that we have posted on the fishery facebook page and which is also available to watch on YouTube,” said Drayton’s Mark Ryder.
“The fact that the foreign guys fishing your water know all the rules and respect the fishery and your stocks really does help deter those people who might not be of the same mindset because they know that they wouldn’t be able to get away with anything illegal.
“Every fishery should be doing the same. Not only is it great for the venue, but also for bringing new people into the sport. We have many eastern Europeans who are passionate anglers and help spread the word within their communities.
Drayton Reservoir is just one of many clubs and fisheries which have used modern methods to stamp out poaching and educate foreign anglers.
Dilip Sarkar is the Angling Trust’s national enforcement manager and has been instrumental in countless projects to stamp out poaching and build bridges between UK and foreign anglers.
“What Drayton has done is what every club and fishery in the land should be doing,” he said.
“The foreign guys who are poaching are not interested in fishing, but there are so many who are passionate anglers and the more of these we can encourage on to fisheries and angling clubs, then the fewer illegal fishermen we will see.”